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And unfortunately, I regret to inform them (him?), but catmint will have the opposite effect if you wish to ward off cats. They are unfortunately too dumb to realize that if they use the garden as their litter box, more of their beloved food won't grow. --Unless you meant putting the catmint in a separate corner to keep them away from the rest of the garden. That might work!

My old roommate used to grow zucchinis, and he always wound up with more than he knew what to do with. I found a good breadmaker recipe for zucchini bread, which actually turned out to be more dessert-like than bread-like, but I couldn't keep up.

One thing I would like to do if growing catmint works out for us, is expand to other plants. Maybe lemongrass, both for spellcraft and for extra mosquito repellent. Tomatoes and lettuce, perhaps, so that when I need a tomato for something I don't have to go to the store.

For a guy who loves computers and video games so much, I've been looking longingly toward the forest hermit lifestyle as I've come into my 30s.





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