Plants, exercise, and vidya


The catmint is doing well. A flaw in our plan is that the spot we planted it in doesn't get much DIRECT sunlight due to some inconvenient trees, but it hasn't died, so that's a plus. One of us goes out and waters it in the morning, if there wasn't rain overnight anyway. Maybe we should water it in the evening too? I'll check and see today.


I don't exercise much. It's always felt like a waste of time I could otherwise be spending on my computer, doomscrolling. But after the wife and I cleared a bunch of rocks out of the catmint habitat, I realized I felt MORE awake afterward, rather than less. How could this be???


I've tried taking short little walks every so often and it really does wake me up.


I'm on to Heavensward in FFXIV and I'm enjoying it so much. The art, music, and map design put together is so good at setting a mood. I spent several in-game weeks avoiding the actual plot and just wandering through the Dravanian Forelands before I was even supposed to be there.

I'm pretty sure the Warrior of Light and Haurchefant had a torrid whirlwind romance at some point, but since the only FFXIV fan community I'm part of is the Discord server of a subreddit, I don't think I can share that opinion there. People get touchy if you try to discuss anything other than the actual mechanics of the game, by which I mean how to optimize your DPS at level 80.

See you later, Smol Pub! You're awesome.



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