How does magic work? (CW: Talk of ants)

I'm a skeptical/naturalistic pagan. The "magic" I practice is basically an open-label placebo -- essentially, it's self-guided psychology with an aesthetic.

I make little satchels of nice-smelling herbs to cure stress. When I hold them, the scent helps calm me down. It's magic, it works.

When I burn myself, I say a prayer to the moon as I cool my hand with running water. It distracts me from the pain. It's magic, it works.

And when my wife tells me she saw ants in the recycling bin where the soda cans were, I'm itchy for the rest of the day. Despite the fact that they were there for at least a day before she told me and I wasn't itchy THEN. She fucking hexed me!

It's magic. It works. Unfortunately.





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