Magical Theory - Caffeine and Sugar

These two chemicals are very spiritually potent. I feel that I've been too reliant on them for much of my life, especially in combination.

Part 1: Caffeine

Caffeine stimulates the flow of energy. When energy is sluggish or stagnant -- for example, when first waking up in the morning -- this is very much welcome. But energy comes in both positive and negative aspects, and caffeine doesn't differentiate between the two. Hence, jitters and suchlike when one imbibes too much.

Part 2: Sugar

I'm specifically talking about refined sugar, as well as substitutes like HFCS that are in common use. They serve similar purposes, so they affect us similarly in the spiritual realm. Natural sugars, like what you get if you eat an apple, are beyond the scope of this post.

Sugar stimulates energy flow as well, and it also provides a burst of positive emotion. Sugar is a great example of the rebound effect: The positive effects it has at first will turn around and become negative after a time. In a positive spiritual environment, this effect will be negligible, but in a negative environment or if too much sugar builds up... yeah.

Part 3: Conclusion

Drink less soda, self.


The magical theory outlined in this post is based on my life and experiences. It may differ drastically from yours; these things are HIGHLY individualized. If any of this resonates with you, use the information as you will.





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