Some Anglish thoughts

I went down a brief rabbithole while trying to find Poul Anderson's "Uncleftish Beholdings", having mentioned it to my wife the other day. Unfortunately it's still in copyright, so no legal PDFs. RIP.

I already had some thoughts on the Anglish "experiment" -- essentially it's a bunch of people trying to construct a "purer" version of English without Latin and Greek influences. Interesting from a conlanging perspective, but of course, any sort of Anglo "purity" will attract certain unsavory types.

The Anglish wiki insists on renaming U.S. states, for crying out loud. This land was stolen, and now they want to erase all traces of the people we stole it from? Fuck that.

The Anglish subreddit, of course, claims to have no tolerance for bigotry, but also has a bunch of people running around whining about "wokeness" et al, with positive numbers of upvotes.

They're right that we should bring back "thou", though.





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