A few updates


The catmint is doing well! Here's a picture I took a few days ago (compressed to ~110kb):

Daily watering seems to be sufficient, but it's still cool for summer around here. I am NOT looking forward to August.

Smol Pub

I just realized I could use the "pages" section to keep my artisanal hand-crafted tagging system from taking over both my feed and the Smol Pub feed in general. Why didn't I think of that before?


I followed a link to a Gemini feed aggregator called Antenna...


...where you have to specifically tell it "Hey, I updated, go fetch my feed". It's a nifty way to find stuff that's actually being updated, and if I handcraft a feed page on my capsule, I can even send updates about books or recipes I put there to the aggregator.

I say "if", as if I hadn't already done that last night.


Curating the library on my capsule is a little tiring. I want to keep putting books there, but since it's all public domain I have to weigh, you know, Past Opinions against the literary and/or sffnal merit of the story. Like the protagonist of THE TIME MACHINE just casually says "Yeah, I didn't expect to understand future technology any more than an African would understand our technology", and it's not even a big deal in context. That's probably the worst part, how utterly commonplace that kind of thinking was.

Since it's public domain, I could just edit the content. It would be legal and I don't think it would be unethical. I doubt anyone's even paying enough attention to my random backwater Gemini capsule to call me a virtue-signalling SJW over it. But I worry that that might be, idk, dishonest? Like painting over the past and pretending it was prettier than it really was?

The obvious answer is to put a disclaimer and a link to an unedited version, maybe? I don't know.





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