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I go by Locrian at the moment. November is my favorite month; you can call me that too. I'm a transgender witch (he/him) who simultaneously longs for the olden days of the web while having a passion for designing with CSS.

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2021-07-27 Cursed take
2021-07-25 Capsule redesign & life updates
2021-07-23 Friday Morning Link Roundup: July 23, 2021
2021-07-21 A few updates
2021-07-19 Plants, exercise, and vidya
2021-07-13 RE: A New Hobby!
2021-07-12 A new hobby! Hope I stick with this one.
2021-07-11 "Girls can't like sports without being transed these days!"
2021-07-10 How FFXIV could implement a pacifist mode
2021-07-09 Guess I'm a soyboy now.
2021-07-06 Magical Theory - Caffeine and Sugar
2021-07-05 Fuck Vizio
2021-07-05 Fireworks Magic
2021-07-04 No more long books (for now)
2021-07-02 That awkward feeling
2021-07-02 Words That Don't Exist: Aldure
2021-07-02 Pluma editor
2021-06-29 Some Anglish thoughts
2021-06-28 This was not a productive use of my time.
2021-06-26 Words That Don't Exist: Loreft
2021-06-26 Tornado season is upon us
2021-06-25 How does magic work? (CW: Talk of ants)
2021-06-24 Words That Don't Exist: Wrose
2021-06-23 Various thoughts on FFXIV
2021-06-23 1920s scifi was something else
2021-06-23 Words That Don't Exist: Luft
2021-06-23 Words That Don't Exist: Unmas
2021-06-23 Gemlog attempt, mk. II